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10-05-16 Jose's Law - The Effort to End Racial Chantings in High School Sports - Mexican American News view report
07-28-16 Meet "The Wolf"! Finally A Superhero from the West Coast!! - Mexican American News view report
07-23-16 These Latino Comic Book Artists Create their Own Superheroes - Linki TV view report
05-05-16 Origin of the Cinco de Mayo Celebration: California's Precious Metal Miners - Mexican American News view report
03-22-16 La Gran Marcha - 10 Year Anniversary (2006-2016) - Mexican American News view report
03-22-16 US Republicans seize on Brussels attacks to hit Muslims - Arab News view report
02-29-16 Trump Fails To Condemn KKK On Television, Turns To Twitter To Clarify - NPR (National Public Radio) view report
02-29-16 Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu wins Best Director Oscar for the second year in a row - Xcano Media view report
02-06-16 Ron Rivera: Keeping A Latino Tradition of Winning The Big Game - Mexican American News view report
02-02-16 Flores set path as 1st Hispanic coach to win Super Bowl - WTOP 103.5 FM, Washington, DC view report
02-02-16 Ron Rivera, Panthers have Hispanic support in Super Bowl 50 - Washington Times view report
02-02-16 Gina Rodriguez Gives a Shout-Out to Rosa Salazar in Second #MovementMondays Post Amid Diversity Uproar - People view report
02-02-16 LULAC Hits Goal of 10,000 Iowa Latinos Pledging to Caucus - NBC News view report
02-02-16 You Can Now Earn College Credit for Eating Tacos - People view report
02-02-16 'No Más Bebés' Looks Back at L.A. Mexican Moms' Involuntary Sterilizations - NBC News view report
02-02-16 Racist, Misogynist Author Writes Guide To Dating Latina “Species” Of The United States - VIBE view report
02-02-16 Poll: Trump Leads GOP Field Among Hispanic Republicans - Breirbart view report
02-02-16 Latinos: Remember, Inclusion in Hollywood Requires Solidarity - Huffington Post view report
02-02-16 Today Is Guadalupe Hidalgo Day: Party Like It’s 1848! - view report
02-02-16 Weekend shootouts claim at least 18 lives in Mexico - Odessa American, Odessa, TX view report
02-02-16 Iowa Caucus 2016: What Latinos in Iowa Need to Know on Caucusing Day - Latin Post view report
02-01-16 El Chapo's Sinaloa Cartel is hit by Mexican-American forces in joint raid - view report
02-01-16 Charlie Hunnam Cast To Play Mexican-American Drug Lord — Twitter Explodes In Disapproval - The Inquisitr News view report
02-01-16 Memo From Middle America | Hispanic Voter On Rubio: “He’s Cuban. I’m Mexican.” (What Happened To “American.”) - view report
02-01-16 Aggrandizing ‘El Chapo’ in song: KU professor studies Mexican ‘narcocorridos’ - view report
02-01-16 Mexico Matters: Pope Francis's Most Important National Tour - Huffington Post view report
02-01-16 Mexican Leftist Urges Socialists to 'Be on Alert' Against Right - teleSUR, Caracas, Venezuela view report
02-01-16 Tijuana: First Assignment—The Good, the Bad, the Bizarre - American Diplomacy view report
02-01-16 Iowa Activists Encourage Latinos to Caucus - ABC News view report
02-01-16 Are Media Mergers Good for Latinos? - Huffington Post view report
02-01-16 Report: 3% of Iowa voters are Latino - CNN politics view report
02-01-16 How And Why Republicans Should Target Black Voters, Not Latinos - The Federalist view report
02-01-16 How The SAG Awards Nailed What the Oscars Could Never Get Right - The Source view report
01-31-16 Fresno State hosts 43rd Chicano Youth Conference - KFSN TV30, ABC, Fresno, CA view report
01-31-16 NACCS Conference comes to LSC-Kingwood - Your Houston News view report
01-31-16 US agencies assist Mexico government in arrest near border - Odessa American, Odessa, TX view report
01-31-16 Dion meets American and Mexican counterparts - Revelstoke Times Review, Revelstoke, B.C. view report
01-31-16 Central American children face new peril in the US - Al Jazeera America view report
01-31-16 Mexico’s Economy Grew 2.5% in Q4 - Latin American Herald Tribune view report
01-31-16 700 Miles in Search of Elected Latinos in Iowa - National Journal view report
01-31-16 The Latino Vote In 2016: Here Are 5 Takeaways - NBC News view report
01-31-16 The 48 most powerful Latinos in Wisconsin - Wisconsin State Journal view report
01-31-16 Latino Leaders Help Bernie Sanders Make Final Pitch to Iowa Caucus-Goers - Latin Post view report
01-31-16 Iowa Latinos Get Ready to Caucus and Boost Political Presence - NBC News view report
01-31-16 Salsa Is The Food Of The Aztec Gods — We Should All Eat More Of It - UPROXX view report
01-23-16 National Review, conservative thinkers stand against Trump - CNN view report
01-22-16 After 'Against Trump' Issue - Huffington Post view report
01-22-16 Donald Trump's dad was Woody Guthrie's hated Klansman landlord - Boing Boing view report
01-21-16 Woody Guthrie, ‘Old Man Trump’ and a real estate empire’s racist foundations - The Conversation view report
01-21-16 National Review Aims To Take Down Trump: Influential Magazine Turns To Conservative Leaders to Make Their Case - POLITICO view report
01-21-16 7 Worst Latin Foods That Will Ruin Your Diet - Latinos Health view report
01-15-16 Why Cruz, Rubio can't lock in Latino vote - CNBC view report
01-15-16 Can Bill Clinton's Campaigning Help Hillary with Latino Voters? - NBC News view report
01-14-16 ‘Machete’ Star Danny Trejo Launches Vegan Taco Restaurant in Los Angeles - Latin Post view report
01-14-16 Professor examines influence of Chicago’s diverse Latino community in ‘The House on Mango Street’ - The Daily Northwestern view report
01-14-16 WPP, AwesomenessTV Lead $27 Million Investment in Hispanic Video Net Mitú - AdvertisingAge view report
01-14-16 Saturday Night Live Vows to Work on its Latino Problem - Los Angeles Weekly view report
01-13-16 How Microsoft Helped NBC Universo & Telemundo Take Latinos' 'Pulse' During SOTU - Latin Post view report
01-13-16 How an FCC proposal could hurt Latinos - The Hill view report
01-12-16 Austin’s Mexican consul to push for dual citizenship locally - Austin American-Statesman view report
01-11-16 Eva Longoria Calls Out Hispanic Racism During Golden Globes - view report
01-11-16 UCSB Arts & Lectures to Welcome U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrara at Campbell Hal - Noozhawk, Santa Barabara, CA view report
01-11-16 Marco Rubio — Much Less Ted Cruz — Probably Won’t Attract Many Latino Voters to the GOP - New York Magazine view report
01-11-16 Opinion: Pochos, Prejudice and Spanish-Shaming - NBC News view report
01-11-16 Both Mexico and the US Are to Blame for Ruthless Drug Lords Like El Chapo - History News Network view report
01-11-16 5 Hot Latino Celebrities Who Love to Cook - Latinos Health view report
01-11-16 Boyfriend of Hero In CA Massacre Among Latinos Invited to State of the Union - NBC News view report
01-11-16 Latinos Who Won Big At The 73rd Golden Globe Awards - VIBE view report
01-11-16 Eva Longoria, America Ferrera poke fun at Golden Globes Hispanic nomination name flub - view report
01-11-16 Hyper-Tokenism III: Hiding the Hispanic While 'The Force Awakens' - view report
01-11-16 ‘Bordertown’ intriguing, but middling venture into racial comedy - The Michigan Daily view report
01-10-16 Can Donald Trump's Immigration Proposals Bring Latinos And Muslims Together? This Lawyer Thinks It's Time For An Alliance - Latin Times view report
01-10-16 Observations On Latino Discrimination (You Might Not Like #2) - Huffington Post view report
01-10-16 Starz Targets Latino Viewers with Hispanic-Themed Development Projects - Variety view report
01-10-16 Mexico: Guzman talk with Sean Penn led to his whereabouts - Daily American view report
01-10-16 These Female Distillers Have Been Making Mezcal Since Childhood - Vice Food view report
01-09-16 Is Telenovela Based On Eva Longoria's Soap Opera Experience - Parade view report
01-09-16 El Chapo, Escaped Mexican Drug Lord, Is Recaptured in Gun Battle - International New York Times view report
01-09-16 How the Mexican Drug Trade First Began - TIME view report
01-09-16 'Mission accomplished': Mexican President says 'El Chapo' caught - CNN view report
01-08-16 EL-CHAPO, The Man Who Threatened To Kill Donald Trump Has Been Finally CAPTURED - view report
01-08-16 Drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzman captured in deadly shootout after six months on the lam - Los Angeles Times view report
01-08-16 Bisexual Americans On The Rise, New Study Confirms - Latinos Health view report
01-08-16 Novelist Manuel Ramos makes sure Latinos are part of the story of Denver - Los Angeles Times view report
01-08-16 Trump’s 1st TV Ad Uses Footage Of Morocco, Not Mexico; Reminds That Border Wall Is No Silver Bullet For Immigration Enforcement - Latin Times view report
01-08-16 Living Color: 'We're American' - Second, Third-Gen Latinos Speak Out - NBC News view report
01-07-16 Mexico unveils new effort for double citizenship - Austin American-Statesman view report
01-07-16 Latinos and Politics - International New York Times view report
01-07-16 Jews, Latinos in S.A. to mark longstanding ties at Sunday event - San Antonio Express News view report
01-07-16 Mexican Astrophysicist Leticia Corral Recognized For 'CYCLICAL UNIVERSE' Discovery Which Corrects Stephen Hawking's Mistake - News United view report
01-07-16 Mexican Astrophysicist Leticia Corral Recognized for ‘Cyclical Universe’ Discovery Which Corrects Stephen Hawking's Mistake - Latin Post view report
01-07-16 Mexican Astrophysicist Leticia Corral Recognized For 'Cyclical Universe' Discovery Which Corrects Stephen Hawking's Mistake - News United view report
01-07-16 Stephen Hawking Wrong? Mexican Astrophysicist Explains Real Origin of the Universe - Latino Post view report
01-07-16 Mexican Astrophysicist Leticia Corral Recognized for 'Cyclical Universe' Theory - Allembru Science view report
01-06-16 Smithsonian National Museum of American History to Showcase Latinos in Baseball - Latin Post view report
01-06-16 Stop the Presses: Women, Latinos Hate Cruz, Trump - Calbuzz view report
01-06-16 Mexican Astrophysicist Leticia Corral Credited for Correcting Stephen Hawking’s Theory - Remezcla view report
01-06-16 16 Latino Films to See in 2016 - Latin Post view report
01-06-16 'Mi Familia' In Movies: Films Mexican-American Millennials Grew Up On - NPR (National Public Radio) view report
01-05-16 Every 30 seconds a Latino in the US turns 18. The challenge is getting them to vote - PRI view report
01-04-16 ‘Bordertown’ writer says new Fox show ‘joked about giving Donald Trump’ credit - Washington Post view report
01-04-16 Jaime Escalante, the Teacher Who Inspired ‘Stand and Deliver,’ Will Be Honored With a USPS Stamp in 2016 - Remezcla view report
01-03-16 Chicano Batman wins over crowds with unique, psychedelic sound - The Washington Post view report
01-03-16 El Chapo: Why American Journalists Are Never Annihilated By His, And Other Mexican Cartels - Inquisitr view report
01-02-16 Will Trump invite York County Muslims, Mexican immigrants to Rock Hill speech Friday? - The Herald, Rock Hill, SC view report
01-02-16 US Should Legalize Mexican and Central American Migrants Now! - teleSUR view report
01-01-16 Sofia Vergara Shares the Story of Her Multi-Million All-Mexican Media Empire - Latin Post view report