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Parents Separated From Children Return Demanding Asylum & Reunification With Kids

A gift intended for daughter upon reunification
Report by Kevin Sieff and Sarah Kinosian | The Washington Post - Mar. 2, 2019

MEXICALI, MX - Twenty-nine parents from across Central America who were separated from their children by U.S. immigration agents last year returned to the U.S. border on Saturday, demanding asylum hearings that might allow them to reunite with their children.

The group of parents quietly traveled north over the past month, assisted by a team of immigration lawyers who hatched a high-stakes plan to reunify families divided by the Trump administration's family separation policy last year. The 29 parents were among those deported without their children, who remain in the United States in shelters, in foster homes or with relatives.

Although the Trump administration's family separation policy has prompted congressional hearings, lawsuits and national protests, the parents have for nearly a year suffered out of the spotlight at their homes in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. They celebrated birthdays and Christmas on video calls, trying to determine whether their children were safe. Now, they will pose a significant test to the embattled American asylum system, arguing that they deserve another chance at refuge in the United States, something rarely offered to deportees. Before the Trump administration, families had never been systematically separated at the border. And before Saturday, those families had never returned to the border en masse.

As of early afternoon in Mexicali, none of the 29 parents had been allowed into the United States by border officials, who cited capacity issues at holding centers.

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